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So, what do you do?

When you join our team, your answer will be about how your work helps to protect
people from extreme and unpredictable events. And how your team is working to solve
humankind’s greatest challenge. If an uncommon answer to a very common question
intrigues you, please continue reading.

Culture & Values

We strive to create an environment where employees can grow personally and thrive professionally.

It's not what we do, it's how we do it

We are problem solvers. We embrace adversity and seek to solve the almost impossible. Above all, we are mission-driven technologists on a mission to build planetary-scale resilience, together.

Our Values

We own the mission

We’re laser focused on our mission. We radically prioritize the work that makes the biggest impact.

We go beyond

We drive the business to the limits of its potential and never settle for mediocrity in ourselves. We have a bias toward action and always take our best shot.

We build trust

We leave our egos at the door. We work across aisles and have each other’s backs.

We become better together

Alone we have limitations, together we have solutions. We have the humility to seek dissenting opinions.

Global resilience can only be built by a global team

We’re a Virtual First company, which means remote work is the norm at One Concern, allowing us to build a team that spans the globe. Already our employees represent 5 continents and more than 20 countries, and true to our values, we’re constantly working to improve as an organization – to make One Concern a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive place to work.

"I wouldn’t say I have all the answers; my team has all the answers"

A Virtual First Company

Not content with the either or choice of returning to the office or not, One Concern champions a Virtual First model that establishes remote work as the norm, but also brings the company together regularly for in-person retreats and celebrations. Virtual First bolsters the diversity of our organization by allowing us to hire outside of Silicon Valley, while also catering to employee preferences for a commute-free future that allows for greater productivity and more time with family and loved ones.

Perks & Benefits

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, One Concern offices in Menlo Park and Tokyo are currently closed.


Resilience starts with you. We offer comprehensive dental, vision, and life insurance, up to 100% health coverage for large network plans across the U.S. as well as free access to a primary care practice, offering both virtual and in-person appointments within 24 hours.


You’re at your best when you’re rested and energized. To make sure we’re caring for both body and mind, we offer a generous monthly wellbeing reimbursement as well as unlimited vacation. Life is about more than just work, we encourage you to take time off whenever you need it.

Work/Life Balance

Life can make keeping a regular schedule a challenge. As a Virtual First company, we’re used to working across multiple time zones, so are committed to flexible working hours to help you manage and balance your personal & professional obligations wherever you may be.

Competitive Salary & Equity

Own the work you do. We offer competitive compensation packages and equity stakes in the company.

Best of Both Worlds

Remote work is the norm for us, but in-person connection is important too. That's why we come together multiple times a year for retreats and events at our offices in Menlo Park, CA and Shibuya in downtown Tokyo.

Home Office Support

In addition to all the tech you need to work to your best, we provide a $300 pre-tax stipend when you join to help you make the purchases you need to be successful in your home office.

Our Teams

Go to Market (GTM)


The GTM team puts our product into the hands of business, community, and emergency managers. This group of sales, business, industry, and solutions professionals brings our product to the people who need it.

Oleg Blokhin

VP, Banking

Eric Bao

Director of Solutions

Katherine Dalis

Senior Staff Actuarial Solutions Strategist

Liberty McPartland

Executive Director, Sales, Commercial Real Estate

Nebin Schulman

Executive Director, Sales, Commercial Real Estate

Tim Kinsella

Executive Director, Sales, Insurance

Brian Smith

Executive Director, Sales, Insurance

Jay Ryu

Senior Data Scientist, Solutions

Dip Das

Staff Solutions Data Scientist

Reza Sheibani

Model Validation Data Scientist

Tatsuya Okabe

Solutions Architect, Japan

Finance and Business Operations


The Finance and Business Operations team enables the One Concern business to scale and thrive. From leading financial and business strategy to the maintenance of internal financial resilience, this team keeps everything running smoothly.

Nnenna Nnoli

Chief Financial Officer

Addy Kotwal

Head of FP&A

Olivia Vareha

Accounting Manager

Pete Murray

FP&A Manager



The People team empowers the people behind the mission, and runs the programs that structure and enrich the team experience. This team fosters the growth and success of current team members and drives the recruitment of new talent.

Nicolette Quispe

Chief People Officer

Tyler Smith

Director of People Operations

Tammy Comb

HR Manager



The Marketing team spreads the voice of One Concern far and wide. This group of marketing and business professionals makes our technology, our work, and our mission accessible to the world.

Joe Paluska

Chief Marketing Officer

Dee Dolan

Director of Marketing

Casey O'Brien

Senior Marketing Associate

Daniel Van Geffen

Visual Designer

Data Science


Combining hazard experts, data science technologists, and researchers, the Data Science team crafts the foundational input of our technology by building the models that produce our impact predictions.

Shabaz Patel

VP of Data Science

Boyd Zapatka

Head of Data Operations

Youngsuk Kim

Data Science Manager

Nana Kato

Senior Data Scientist

Liping Liu

Senior Data Scientist, GIS

Sushreyo Misra

Senior Data Scientist, Resilience Modeling

Lynne Burks

Staff Data Scientist, Seismic

Yi Liu

Flood Data Scientist, Hydrodynamics

Zhuo Liu

Senior Data Scientist, Flood

Junichi Sakai

Data Scientist - Flood and Seismic

Hoda El Safty

Data Scientist, Hydrodynamics

Ming Hong

Data Scientist, Resilience Modeling

Zonglin Li

Data Scientist, Resilience Modeling

Yawen Shen

Data Scientist, Hydrodynamics

Rodrigo Silva-Lopez

Data Scientist, Infrastructure Systems

Xinzhe Yuan

Data Scientist, Resilience Modeling

Hamed Farahmand

Data Scientist, Resilience Modeling



The Engineering team builds the technical solutions that bring our models to our users. Our developers build large scale data pipelines, pair model output with infrastructure and environmental data, and ultimately render this huge amount of data so that it's available on command from the user in our front end.

Gary Damm

VP, Engineering

Shuyuan Chen

Systems Architect

Barbie Wewe

Scrum Master

Joyce Omobude

Scrum Master

Derek Devernoe

Senior Engineering Manager, Cloud Ops

Andy Rice

Senior Backend Engineer

Evaldo Pereira De Carvalho Neto

Operations, DevOps

Meryl Hu

Senior Software Engineer

Mia Petkova

Senior Backend Engineer

Francisco Escher Guimaraes da Silva

Senior Backend Engineer

Jacinth David

Senior Backend Engineer

Whitman Dykman Burke

Senior Backend Engineer

Atma Mani

Staff Software Engineer

Ray Sarmiento

Staff QA Engineer

Anusha Mudhiraj Kola

Backend Engineer

Megha Garg

Backend Engineer

Louigi Braga

Backend Engineer

Product and Design


The Product and Design team is the bridge between our users and our technology. Our Product team members drive the strategy of our products and our designers create a seamless and meaningful experience for our users.

Gerald Rousselle

VP Product

Ryan McMahon

Group Product Manager, Domino

Kimberly Cakebread

Director Technical Writing

Chirag Patel

Senior Product Manager

April Adonis

Staff Product Operations Manager

Natalie Encalada

Staff Product Designer